Is the Nissan Titan a reliable truck?

The 2023 Titan has received a good dependability rating from J.D. Power. In fact, it receives an 85 out of 100 "Great" rating.

 The "Average" score for a vehicle like the Ram 1500 is only 80 out of 100. These kinds of features are what appeal to a certain customer group about this truck.

A contemporary Titan should be able to go more than 200,000 miles with adequate maintenance, according to Vehicle History.

. Additionally, it appears that some people have driven at least 300,000 miles on several Nissan forums. 

A Nissan Titan that is more recent is not likely to have 200,000 miles on it unless it belongs to someone who drives a lot. 

The typical annual mileage for a driver is less than 14,000.