Dodge’s Last Hemi V-8 Challenger Will Challenge for Fastest Production Car in the World

After some time, Dodge is now prepared to bid adieu to gas-powered muscle.

The Challenger SRT Demon 170 was introduced by the Detroit behemoth on Monday night as its final "Last Call" muscle 

vehicle. The horrifyingly powerful coupé will be the last of the company's muscle vehicles to use the legendary Hemi V-8 

engine before it switches to purely electric drivetrains.Dodge's attempt to give the internal-combustion Challenger and 

Charger a dignified send-off is the "Last Call" series, which debuted last October. Never say never when money is 

involved, but if the carmaker is serious about the Demon 170 being their final vehicle with a Hemi V-8, then the engine is leaving with a bang. A lot of performance improvements have made