A Families, jobs and Community-Focused Platform for orlando's progress and future

Jeff Boone has many ambitious goals for the community. However, he needs our support to turn these visions into reality. That is why we need to choose Jeff Boone For Congress. Check out the list below to learn about his plans for a greater, progressive Florida.

Increasing Employment Opportunities

Job Training for a Post-COVID Economy

Due to the pandemic, there is a need to keep the economy open while ensuring workplaces are safe. It is important to Jeff Boone that the less privileged and millennials are not left behind in the ever-changing and evolving post-COVID economy.

That is why Jeff intends to seek funding to offer job training for returning workers and millennials that want to enhance their skills and professional knowledge in not only Orlando’s mainstay tourism and hospitality industries, but also in the fast-growing tech, healthcare, and life sciences industries.  Returning workers and millennials will be a major source of workers for Orlando’s growing industries; not only now, but also in the Post-Covid economy

Marketing and Business Opportunities

There is a need to invite more companies to relocate to Orlando and increase job opportunities for people in our community. The way to do this is by marketing our tax benefits.

Jeff will leverage his business and financial experience to market Florida's tax benefits to companies to:

  1. create jobs in distressed communities, urban and rural areas;
  2. donate towards community development and housing projects in low-income areas; further creating more jobs; and,
  3. receive tax credits for qualified research expenses for job creating companies in our community in the IT, manufacturing, defense, aviation, marine and life sciences industries.

Investing in Education

One of Jeff’s goals is to increase the funds for teachers’ salaries, pre-K education, and student supplies and resources. These include after-school educational and tutoring programs, recreational and extracurricular activities. This is meant to persuade the youth to stay in school and become more involved.

Supplying Affordable Housing

Another issue that needs to be addressed is affordable housing. That is why Jeff aims to seek funding for this project so that middle and lower-income families, residents and millennials can have homes and affordable housing.

Improving Police and Community Relations

Jeff intends to work to improve police and community relations and work to remove the unnecessary tension that may sometimes exist. That is why his goal is to get more funding for police and community activities that can bring police, community leaders, parents, youth and residents together.   Jeff hopes to create a better relationship between all of them.

Ending the Cycle of Poverty and Crime

Unfortunately, the generational cycle of poverty and crime for the underprivileged is a reality. Jeff believes that education is the great equalizer that can be used by everyone for social mobility and prosperity. This especially rings true for families with their first generational high school and college graduates.

Reducing Crime

In addition to seeking additional funding and resources for education, job training and employment for our district, Jeff wants to ensure that we have all the resources to maintain public safety in all of our district communities.

Jeff wants to improve and provide additional educational and employment resources for our communities and our youth in order to deter them from criminal activity and to steer them towards successful lives.

Trusting the Process

As community leaders, Jeff wants to encourage the youth to stay in school, work to graduate, go to college, and obtain employment and affordable housing.  This is why it is so crucial for our youth to maintain the course and trust the process. Together, we need to guide them through the forest of life so they can make their way toward success by completing their education which will help them in obtaining satisfactory employment opportunities.

Supporting Current Major US Projects

Jeff Boone fully supports the bipartisan democratic and republican $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill and what it will do for our district. It will help create jobs and rebuild the infrastructure of our communities.

Jeff is also in favor of Congress passing in whole or in parts, and as many parts as possible, the Build Back Better Act to help boost the economy and increase jobs.

Working Together on Common Ground

Despite everything that Jeff has planned for the families, communities and businesses in his district, he cannot do it alone. That is why we need to work collaboratively in order to maintain prosperity and take the underprivileged with us. The rising tide can lift all boats in Orlando’s post-COVID economy and break the cycle of poverty, crime, and imprisonment.

Fighting to Protect

Jeff vows to fight to protect voting and civil rights, women’s rights and choices, LGBTQ rights, our healthcare, Medicaid, and social security. 

Above all Jeff will fight for the rights of us all; including our lives, our liberty and our pursuit of happiness.