Let the Congressman of the People Serve Our district

When it comes to electing a representative in the US House of Congress, people need someone that will do everything by and for the people. That is why there is no better choice than Jeff Boone For Congress.

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Serving Youth and Young Adults as a Student Leader

3-Time First African American Student Government President:

Even when he was just a young man, Jeff Boone already had a passion for serving. He became the first African-American student government president of three different schools. These included:
1. Colgate University – Hamilton, New York
2. Cardinal Hayes Catholic High School – Bronx, New York
3. St. Jean Baptiste Catholic Middle School – Manhattan, New York

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Public Service Experience

When he was still in New York City, Jeff served as a mayoral appointee on the Manhattan, NY Community Planning Board by David Dinkins, New York City’s first African-American mayor. In 2000, Jeff moved to Orlando and for the last two decades, has started athletic programs and coached kids in football and basketball.

Educational Background

As a student-athlete with a football scholarship, Jeff attended Colgate University. It was there that he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science. After that, he attended New York University to get his master’s degree in marketing and management.

Experience in the Finance Sector

Wall Street Banker, Orlando Financial Executive & Bitcoin Miner:

Jeff has worked as a Wall Street banker at Chase Bank, The Federal Reserve and American Express, prior to moving to Orlando in 2000.  The last 21 years, he has served as an Orlando-area Finance Executive in treasury for several companies. These include:

  • CHEP USA (Orlando); Revenue: $5 Billion.

  • Harris Corp (Melbourne); Revenue $10 Billion.

  • BayCare Health System (Clearwater); Revenue: $5 Billion.

  • Higher Education University & Healthcare System (Miami); Revenue: $3 Billion.

In 2021, Jeff invested and became a Bitcoin Miner.

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Hunter’s Creek Community Coach

After work and on weekends, Jeff is an active member of Hunter’s Creek's diverse community and a coach for youth in the greater Orlando area.

Football Accolades

For the last two decades, he has coached the youth in football and basketball and is a co-founder of the South Orange Patriots Football and Cheerleading Association. While coaching the Patriots, Jeff was named “Coach of the Year” in back-to-back seasons in the Mid-Florida Football Conference. This is a 64-team conference spanning from Tampa to Jacksonville. Coach Boone took the South Orange Patriots to their only Super Bowl appearance in that conference.

Basketball Honors

Coach Boone formed the Orlando Gauchos basketball program. He took the team to three state championships for in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and the Youth Basketball of America (YBOA) leagues.

Jeff and Ada’s Family

The Boones have been married for more than 31 years and have two sons. They pride themselves in being everyday people that share a lot in common with the families in their neighborhood, community and congressional district. They are hardworking members of the community that work every day and try to financially provide for and house their families, educate their children, and help them find jobs so they can be independent, successful, healthy and safe.

Jeff & Ada Today

Jeff’s Family History

How His Parents Met

Jeff’s parents were the first in their respective families to go to college, as they attended an HBCU and met at North Carolina Central College during the segregation of the late 1950s and early 1960s.  Jeff's father was a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and also played on a basketball scholarship.  He is the cousin of Herman Boone, from Remember The Titans, who was three years older and also attended North Carolina Central College.


Jeff’s parents marched in numerous sit-in demonstrations and protests at lunch counters during the civil rights movement in Durham, North Carolina.  Following graduation, Jeff’s father served in the army during the Vietnam War.

Living in a New York City

After they married, Jeff’s parents lived in Harlem New York, where his brother Ray was born.  Jeff's parents divorced when he was in sixth grade, but remained close in raising their children.  They worked and retired as city employees and union members.   

Jeff’s late stepmother was Puerto Rican-American. He has a brother, Julius and sister, Ebony that are half Puerto Rican, along with his and Ada's two sons, Jeffrey and Johnathan.

Jeff obtained the desire to play and coach sports from his father who coached and refereed basketball games in the New York City Police Athletic League (PAL) during the winter and in the Outdoor Harlem Rucker League (ORL) during the summer.

Ada’s Family History

The Youngest Child and Aunt

Ada’s parents were from Puerto Rico and were married for more than 50 years. She is the 12th and youngest child and youngest aunt to more than 60 multi-cultural nieces and nephews. They are of Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican, Italian, Irish, and African heritage.

Starting a Career and Family of Her Own

After high school, Ada immediately began working as an office assistant in a midtown New York City law firm. While in Orlando, Ada has worked in accounting at Wyndham’s Corporate Office for more than 19 years.


After work and on weekends, Ada has served as the “Team Mom” on numerous football and basketball teams, alongside Coach Boone. Ada is devoted to faith and her church, family, friends, and her community.